Giuseppe Bartoli inaugurates his first store in 1987 in Pietrasanta.
It has always offered a selection of the best international research footwear and products, making quality, craftsmanship and exclusivity the strong point of its philosophy.

In 2007, Giuseppe Bartoli also opens in Forte dei Marmi, confirming himself as an absolute reference name in the Italian panorama of shoe boutiques for men and women.
Among the brands proposed: Alden, John Lobb, Tricker’s, Church’s, Paraboot and many others.

In April 2017, the new modern and elegant store was inaugurated in Piazza Garibaldi in Forte dei Marmi, where all the brands selected with passion and with careful attention to their history and authenticity were gathered in a large size.

To name a few, for men JOHN LOBB, TRICKER’S (man and woman), EDWARD GREEN (man and woman), ALDEN, CROCKET & JONES, PARABOOT (man and woman), RED WING (man and woman), SEBAGO;  woman is original and exclusive, GIANNICO, MICHEL VIVIEN, ALBERTO FASCIANI, SANTONI, CASADEI, MARCO DE VINCENZO, COMMON PROJECTS, BORSALINO, BIRKENSTOCK and others …

The new store was designed by Studio Lazzeroni which describes it as follows: The total area is 180 square meters. The space was completely designed starting with the floors, furnishings, countertops and lighting. Materials were used such as, for the floors, the seminato marble and aged oak, for the special walls, Calacatta Oro marble.
For the furniture: starting from American walnut, to ebony oak, the other parts are in lacquered wood in pastel tones, up to the saddle and brass, antique finish. Seats and accessories: The seats are made by Flexform / Mood – Drop armchair and sofa design Roberto Lazzeroni. The Fagiolo coffee table and the Lampo lamp are made by Ceccotti Collezioni design Roberto Lazzeroni, Separè are made to measure in leather and brass, antique finish design Roberto Lazzeroni.

GIUSEPPE BARTOLI STORE – Piazza Garibaldi, 5 – 55042 – Forte dei Marmi (LU) – IT